by Adam Powell



released February 4, 2015



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Adam Powell San Diego, California

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Track Name: Downer, Dude
Now you say "don't be such a downer, dude"
I don't mean to brood
It's just that everywhere I turn
I feel I learn a little bit more about myself
Which inevitably teaches me
Just a little bit more about everyone else
And that's exactly why

I've lost my faith in the human race

Don't get me wrong, I've got no qualms
It's just that everybody dies
And what we leave behind is not impressive or sublime
It's just a dissappinting speck
On a spectral point in time
Not that I mind

But we decorate the spineless
Commemorate the mindless
And deify the limitations of our own imaginations
And if there isn't anyone or anything out there
Besides me, and we, and us

Then I've lost my faith in the human race
Track Name: Laelia's Song
It takes the tallest type of person
To crawl about my feet
And show me wonder
In the smallness around me
Freaking out so hard
On the living room floor
And laughing afterwards
Just crying out for more
Those days are over
But to me you'll always be
A twisted little heater
Snuggled up to my heartbeat

It's like taking your first two steps
At the ripe old age of three
It's falling in love with everyone to meet
And seeing something in them
They'll never see

I've been having trouble
Without waking woeful
You and the pain that you're in

With legs like little ladders
You're just bound to scale the walls
Of no's and never's
That the experts built so tall
It'll take a little time for me
To figure which is bigger
Your mouth
Your mind
Or your heart
It makes the things
I think are special about you
Feel a little trivial
When every move you make
Is a miracle

I've been having trouble
Without waking joyful
You and and the shape that you're in
Track Name: Saturn Daze
Sweet is the wake
Of darkness in waves
Universe and starring bursts
Beyond my mind but mind you I'm aware
Of everything, obviously
All ready now
For tearing and clout
Fathers, mothers, and sons
One by one -- back to the sun
All energy
And gnashing teeth
All hell-fire
And brimstone

You're so perfect in your curtains

(Location, Location, Location)

When There wasn't there anymore, Here felt right where she should be. All the toing and froing, coming and going, had finally arrived -- and they'd felt at a loss for direction. "I just don't see this going anywhere," he had said. Here stared aimlessly out the second story window, thinking of all the other places out there -- without There. "Yes, but where does that leave me?" She asked. "Oh I'm sure you'll find someone, somewhere," he said. After all, anywhere is possible.
Track Name: Far In, Far Out
There’s a hole in my heart in a dream that I had
All the good things fell out and filed with bad things instead
My skin crawled with ants and a man with no eyes
Swallowed us both for an inside sunrise (ooh!)

There's a hole/whole in my heart
There's a big empty chasm/empty nothing/sad zero
And a whole/hole in my heart

With our hands in his hands holding haunches and thighs
Came quick without warning waxed warming and white
We set sail for unknowns lay laden with lace
To rest nestled within the softness and grace

Of your palace, your highness, your majesty, your grace
Track Name: A Pear And A Peach
Cigarettes and wine breath
Calloused hands and small breasts
In a whirl of a world where we multiply
Choreographed in small steps
Golden gowns of sunsets
Lost in the midnight of your dark eyes

It was the sweetness of a face that brought me to my knees
Tenderness and grace that kept me on those knees
And if I ever stand it will never be to leave

Summer nights and dream-girls
Go-kart rides in all curls
Flat on our backs beneath the stars
Now wherever we go
You and me we both know
Some part of us will always be there

With one look you held me, you hold me still

All my life I've wondered how I’d live or die without you by my
Side by side is how I prefer to rest in peace
Track Name: Just Us Three
When I look into your eyes I see life
When there are clouds on the horizon
You're my sunshine
All the world stops
There's just you

You can call me anytime
I'll be right there by your side
If there is something on your mind
I'll be one you can confide in
All the world stops
It's just us two

We'll make make this house a home
And keep you safe and warm
We'll do our best to help you grow
And try to teach you what we know
All the world stops
It's just us three
Track Name: A Forest
Why should I be expected to believe anything?
If all I've got are senses, which in a sense, is limiting
Within one's self, without one's self, you'd think would be the key
But I'm not we and frankly, I wouldn't want to be

Would a forest be a forest if you couldn't see the trees?
Would the bees buzz more or less without the use of knees?
And why I fall apart at the thought of being free
From day-by-day and night-by-night for all eternity?

Verse, chorus, verse -- then again in reverse
And in the bathroom, on the floor
Through the window, out the door
Tumbling something violent through the street
Till mile after mile of black, white, and grey
And finally the city gave way to sandy beige and blue
Let fall your feathers and headdress
All leg, thigh, and breast
Foaming at the mouth
Spray salting, cold, and wet

(the decorator's lament)

It's all emptiness and grief
Pain and disbelief
The growing unknown without respite or relief
It's all wailing and despair
Unraveled and threadbare
The painful sting of solitude and caress without a care

Dagger drawn, and weak
Fading fast, and bleak
The last straw, the final call, take a bow
And weep